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3Dn Series


The 3Dn Series is a gantry, high precision motion platform with nSoft Software that is capable of controlling and synchronizing a number of devices. The devices range in function, but all are intended to provide exceptional control, fine feature capability and high speeds. These devices do micro-dispensing, 3D printing, laser micro machining, sintering, curing or heating, pick and place, micro-milling, UV curing, mapping and vision. It is possible to configure the system with multiple heads for a single tool with diverse capabilities or multiple heads for parallel dispensing or printing for high speed applications. All 3Dn Series follow SMEMA standards allowing these systems to be put in existing manufacturing lines.

  • Gantry Setup with Linear Motors
  • 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 mm travel in XY
  • Standard or High Precision (10nm resolution, 500nm repeatability, 1 micron accuracy)
  • 150, 200 mm travel in Z
  • Single, dual, tri, quad and hex head options
  • Z Tracking for conformal printing
  • 3D Mapping pre and post prints
  • Micro-dispensing, 3D printing, laser processing, pick and place
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nPnP 360™
SmartPump™ 100 Gen 2

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