nScrypt designs and manufactures industrial precision Micro-Dispensing and Direct Digital Manufacturing equipment with unmatched accuracy and flexibility. nScrypt has award-winning technologies and is thrived to provide complete solutions for various applications in electronics & packaging, 3D printing, life science and textile industries via cutting edge multi-materials, multi-processes and Factory in a Tool approach. nScrypt's headquarter is based in Orlando, Florida.

Advanced technology has the ability to connect two people miles apart, to mobilize people and enable them to do business in their offices, homes and cars, to protect our homes and our country, to diagnose and treat sickness, to entertain and teach. Simply put, advanced technology provides opportunities that were nonexistent a hundred, fifty, or even just five years ago. At nScrypt, we appreciate our position at the forefront of high-tech innovation, while at the same time we recognize God's hand in the development of technology. We respect life at all levels and seek to promote technology for the betterment of humankind.