Adhesive Dispensing

Precisely and accurately placing adhesive lines and dots on diverse substrates and electronic devices is a core process for the 3Dn Series and the SmartPump™. One significant advantage of using the SmartPump™ is volume control (less than 100 picoliters). In addition to the volume control the SmartPump™ can provide repeatable results in both dots and lines. Excellent starts and stops for lines and repeatable shapes for dots are key characteristics of the printing process. The 3Dn series provides exceptional motion control with feedback to insure a quality print on every device. Speeds of up to 10 dots per second have been demonstrated and line have been printed at 500 mm/second. High throughput with exceptional quality for any adhesive application.

A range of adhesives have been printed utilizing the nScrypt series equipment. Low, medium and high viscosity adhesives can challenge many micro-dispensing platforms, the 3Dn Series platform can do this with the same SmartPump™ under computer control. The SmartPump™ is optimized through software for a specific adhesive. Adhesives that have particles loaded in them is common and the optimization of the prints for loaded and unloaded adhesive is digital. Once the SmartPump™ has been optimized for a specific adhesive, no additional tuning is necessary, the results are highly repeatable through millions of pumping cycles.