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BAT Series


The nScrypt BioAssembly Tool (BAT Series) is a specially configured 3Dn-300 system designed for bioprinting capable of dispensing all the ingredients needed to construct living tissue (biomaterials, living cells, growth factors, scaffolds, extracellular matrices, etc.) with exceptional flexibility and cell viability. Cell viabilities in excess of 95% are enabled by patented low sheer stress nozzle designs, and flexibility is afforded by the "design and print" features of digital printing. The system employs stainless steel surfaces and includes up to five independent devices each utilizing nScrypt’s patented technology integrated with ηVision calibration and guidance in a HEPA filtered environment as options.

  • Gantry Setup with Linear Motors
  • 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 mm travel in XY
  • Standard or High Precision (10nm resolution, 500nm repeatability, 1 micron accuracy)
  • 150, 200 mm travel in Z
  • Single, dual, tri, quad and hex head options
  • Z Tracking for conformal printing
  • 3D Mapping pre and post prints
  • Micro-dispensing, 3D printing, laser processing, pick and place
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BAT Series