Direct Digital Manufacturing

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) is the manufacture of parts and devices directly from CAD files. The nScrypt DDM platform allows for seemless manufacture of varying parts with no retooling. Due to the array of heads and processes equipped on our machine, you have the ability to go from printing a complex conformal antenna, circuit, or embedded sensor, to printing something as simple as a bracket for an assembly by simply changing the file and having no human interaction with the tool.

This technology opens the door for smart factories which can produce a vast number of different parts on demand. This would eliminate the need to stock pile parts from large production runs. Parts can be produced when needed, and even easily tweaked over time with no cost for new molds, machines, or capability. The same can be said for mass customization of products through simply changing the CAD design (manually or using software) and printing the parts. It is possible to have 10s or 100s of unique parts in a single build.

DDM will continue to change the face of manufacturing for years to come. Contact us to see what our capabilities can do to transform your manufacturing.