Life Science

True 3D Bio Scaffolds in any 3D Shape

Bioprinting is rapidly becoming more of a reality as new technologies and materials emerge. The 3Dn 300 TE Series has up to 4 materials that and vision on the same platform. The SmartPump™ has shown it is possible to print living cells with near 100% cell viability. In addition to living cells, the SmartPump™ can print a very wide range of materials to include a variety of extra cellular matrices, collagen, hyaluronic acid and including doing this in a heated or cooled condition. In addition to the vast range of bio materials the SmartPump™ can do, the nFD™ can deposit a wide range of biopolymers. This provides true 3D bio scaffolds in any 3D shape; this is a true 3D bio-printer.

3D Printed Biocompatible Polymer Structure With Filled Matrix

nScrypt Brings 3D Bioprinting to ISS