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The patented nFD™ is a core product for 3D printing. This is a filament feed heated extruder. Standard filaments of 1.75 mm are used in the nFD™. nScrypt has designed an
easy, quick change pen tip that utilizes that standard nTip™. This advantage allows users to utilize known and reliable materials, but if new and novel material composites are important, then this is the perfect device for that. Change the pen tip size for the application, but also, if the material does not work well and plugs the pen tip, then it is
easily removed and cleaned out or a different tip can be put in. The smallest commercially available nTip™ from nScrypt is 12.5 microns. No other fused deposition
extruder on the market can match the precision, fine features, quick change or pen tip variations.

The nFD™ is a rugged fused deposition extruder with exceptional printing capabilities. A number of prints utilizing a 50 micron nTip™ have shown it is possible to move past industry standards and begin the next journey into fine features. This coupled with the nScrypt 3Dn platform will produce the smoothest and most repeatable 3D printed parts on the market without a smoothing post process. Add the conformal feature of the platform, it is possible to layer by layer a 3D structure or conformal build on an existing structure thus expanding the possibilities.

nScrypt nFD™ with Smartpump™ and Pick n Place
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