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nMill™ is a high speed spindle designed for microprecision milling, drilling, and polishing. Featuring a 50,000 RPM motor and spindle with less than 1µm total runout, nMill™ is the perfect tool for the post processing of thermoplastics and more. nMill™ is equipped with a dust collection system that will keep both the work piece and
machine debris free. nMill™ also includes an air coolant nozzle to prevent the thermoplastics from melting and reduces the processing time. nMill™ has a 1/8” collet for the use of a wide range of bits and comes standard with an end mill exclusively designed for plastic processing, micro drills for high accuracy vias, and a polishing wheel for creating that smooth finished part.
The SmartPump™ is a proven rugged microdispensing pump that has demonstrated printed lines as small as 15 microns and dots smaller than 25 microns. Materials used in this pump range from low viscosity inks with nanoparticles to extremely high viscosity pastes with flakes. There are more than 10,000 commercially available materials that this pump can dispense with volume control reaching 20 picoliters.

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