Precision MicroDispensing

  • Wide range of material choice:
  • Viscosity from 1cps to >1 million cps (1,000Pa.s).
  • Conductive, resistive, dielectric, ceramic, energetic, solder, adhesive, epoxy, hydrogel, encapsulate, silicone, polymers and etc.
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • 100 Pico liter volumetric control.
  • Line as small as 20um, dot as small as 50um.
  • Precise and clean start/stop
  • High speed
  • As fast as 500mm/sec linear printing speed.
  • As fast as 5 dots/sec.
  • Flexibility
  • The SmartPump™ was designed to handle extreme material variances and accommodate those using software making this a specific pump for a specific application using soft controls to optimize. Tilts and curves in substrates are accommodated up to 45 degrees without tilting the pump
  • Applications
  • Micro-electronic packaging, printed electronics, bio printing, 3D printing.
  • Adhesive dispensing, solder dispensing, via filling, interconnections, heater coils, printed antennas, ceramic structures, heterogeneous mixtures,

nScrypt SmartPump™ Conformal and 3D printing

nScrypt SmartPump™ Planar-Pseudo Planar Printing