Printed Circuit Structures

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) familiar to many people and ubiquitous in use. The evolution of PCB is the Printed Circuit Structure (PCS) which utilizes a combination of 3D
printing and printed electronics. A number of devices have been demonstrated, but the advantages the nScrypt 3Dn Series have are the multimaterial, multi-process capability on a single precision platform. The system can be equipped with SmartPump™, nFD™, nPnP (pick and place), lasers, scanners and vision all on the same platform. With this advanced capability it is possible to replace structures with electrically functional structures.

Starting from a CAD file, the 3Dn Series tools can print structures, metallic, dielectrics and then the same tool also has pick and place and if necessary in situ curing using photonic or laser heating. The options and processes are open and flexible.