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The patented SmartPump™ is a foundation for nScrypt micro-dispensing. This is a positive pressure pump that utilizes patented valving that allows for near perfect starts
and stops (no drooling). This is controlled using digital input and therefore this can be programmed to accommodate a wide range of materials from 1 cP to well over a million cP. Additionally, the materials can be loaded with a wide range of particles, flakes, rods or tubes. The SmartPump™ also comes equipped with the patented nTtip™ that enables extreme vicscosities. The smallest commercially available nTip™ from nscrypt is 12.5 microns. No other pump on the market matches the SmartPump™ in material range, volume control or dimensional size of prints.
The SmartPump™ is a proven rugged microdispensing pump that has demonstrated printed lines as small as 15 microns and dots smaller than 25 microns. Materials used in this pump range from low viscosity inks with nanoparticles to extremely high viscosity pastes with flakes. There are more than 10,000 commercially available materials that
this pump can dispense with volume control reaching 20 picoliters.

nScrypt Smartpump™ Planar-Pseudo Planar Printing
nScrypt Smartpump™ Conformal and 3D printing
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