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SVA Series


The SVA Series is a set of tools that are capable of precision micro-dispensing of solder paste, adhesive materials, and filling vias. This multi-function tool comes in standard sizes of 1500 and 3000 each number representing the adhesive/solder dots and VIA fillings per hour. The SVA 3000 is a SMEMA standard tool for in line production. This series is top of line for industrial manufacturing and can consistently print small features including solder dots down to 50 microns, conductive traces of 30 microns, and adhesives and dielectrics down to 20 microns. The SVA series also has the capability to fill vias with 25 micron diameter.

  • Gantry Setup with Linear Motors
  • 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 mm travel in XY
  • Standard or High Precision (10nm resolution, 500nm repeatability, 1 micron accuracy)
  • 150, 200 mm travel in Z
  • Single, dual, tri, quad and hex head options
  • Z Tracking for conformal printing
  • 3D Mapping pre and post prints
  • Micro-dispensing, 3D printing, laser processing, pick and place
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SVA Series