Search Engine Optimization

You may ask yourself, “What kind of SEO services do I need, and what is SEO?”  Every business is different, and there is no one size fits all strategy now-a-days. You need to apply different SEO techniques and methods to an eCommerce site than you would a local business, for example.

Some Industry Standers To Help You Understand SEO:

Keywords - Your site should be optimized with relevant keywords that potential visitors will search for. For example, if you sell lawn mowers, people may be searching not only ‘lawn mowers’, but more defined keywords like ‘zero turn lawn mowers’ or ‘push mowers’. Having the appropriate keywords within your market niche will make your website more competitive.

Content - Providing substantial content and consistent use of keywords within relevant content is extremely important. This practice is an important tool for not only your end-user, but for page ranking.

Link Building - Similar to word of mouth, but more behind the scenes. A process of creating links out-bound and in-bound to your website. This not only builds a rapport, but search engines see value in this as well.

Analytics - Keeping an eye on visitor clicks and volume can truly help you see where visitors are finding value within your website. Analytics can also be used for test cases in order to increase traffic to any website, which ultimately increases profit.


Setting up a plan of action with SEO can take time and due-diligence, but feel confident that our team will work hard to make you and your website successful!